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How Does CARM-Pro™ Improve Debt Collection Compliance?

CARM-Pro™ Collections and Asset Recovery Manager-Professional™ is powerful banking software by IBS. It ensures collection compliance by enabling collectors to productively configure workflows, customize debtor communications and automate debtor outreach (often performed with no human intervention). This reduces the risk of missing steps in the collections process, and improves net income by lowering collection costs, reducing delinquencies, and preventing some charge-offs.

About the Author

Rob Daley Rob co-founded IBS in 1989, after spending six years as a lead developer for a core banking system, and three years as the SVP, MIS at St Mary’s Bank. Rob’s focus remains growing IBS staff, so we provide world class collection and recovery solutions to banks and credit unions, while expanding our partner channels beyond all main core system providers and primary ancillary product relationship partners.