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Can CARM-Pro interface with my specific collection department 3rd party vendor?

Yes, Intelligent Banking Solutions wants its clients to select the best vendor for their institution, be it repossessions, legal, inspectors and so on. CARM-Pro has a native 3rd party export/import utility, where any CARM-Pro based data can be sent to any client approved external vendor. Additionally, of that external vendor has “results” to share with the institution that data can be returned and imported into CARM-Pro. Often, the 3rd party may have a web user interface, allowing collectors to connect to that web site and perform specific tasks. CARM-Pro allows pre-defined web sites allowing the passing of transaction information and CARM-Pro based data. For example, if a collector needed to file a claim with their CPI firm, often these CPI transactions can be configured in CARM-Pro, and menu point-and-click performed within CARM-Pro.