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Can CARM-Pro help my collections department comply with the varying compliance requirements?

Yes, CARM-Pro has many native capabilities as very strong compliance software for banks and credit unions. CARM-Pro has fully automated, and collector action initiated work flows, allowing banks and credit unions to identify required compliance steps, and configure CARM-Pro to complete those steps (send a letter, email, text or deliver a dynamic voice recording); based on individual selection criteria and on client defined schedules.

About the Author

Rob Daley Rob co-founded IBS in 1989, after spending six years as a lead developer for a core banking system, and three years as the SVP, MIS at St Mary’s Bank. Rob’s focus remains growing IBS staff, so we provide world class collection and recovery solutions to banks and credit unions, while expanding our partner channels beyond all main core system providers and primary ancillary product relationship partners.