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Can CARM-Pro™ enforce my bank’s unique debt collection strategies?

Yes.  Every component of CARM-Pro™ may be changed by authorized users at your financial institution.

CARM-Pro™ was created in 1989 with the anchor requisites that nothing is hard-coded and everything is client-configurable.  This supports every financial institution’s debt collection strategy by enabling them to configure CARM-Pro™ technology to their needs. IBS understands that each banking collection environment is unique, and that banks cannot invest the time and expense of engaging a vendor to perform each system change.

About the Author

Rob Daley Rob co-founded IBS in 1989, after spending six years as a lead developer for a core banking system, and three years as the SVP, MIS at St Mary’s Bank. Rob’s focus remains growing IBS staff, so we provide world class collection and recovery solutions to banks and credit unions, while expanding our partner channels beyond all main core system providers and primary ancillary product relationship partners.