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Community Bank and Credit Union Testimonials

Charge-offs Down 50%

Reduced delinquency  as a percentage of outstanding from 8 % to 6 % ; reduced charge offs by 50% and lowered OREO by 58%

Scott Cooke

Northpoint Bank

Northpoint Bank logo.

You Guys Are Always On the Ball

You guys are always on the ball with support, it’s great!

Lori Berg, Computer Support Specialist

Mid Minnesota FCU

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IBS’ Collection Software Allowed Us to Consolidate Accounts Management

Our installation of the IBS collections software allowed us to consolidate our accounts together in one, convenient location.  Additionally, we can sort the collections into their own separate categories,  allowing those responsible to only need to view their accounts, not sort through all collections.  Additionally, the support of IBS has been tremendous and their response time, very important to us, has been terrific.   The turnaround time on our requested projects has been great.  IBS does value Customer Support!

Hoyt Alexander, SVP - Special Assets Officer

First Farmers Bank & Trust

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IBS Provides Value to Their Customers

As always, IBS provides value to their customers.

John Pratt, Jr., Assistant Vice President, Credit & Collections

The Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank


6500 Non-Prime Car Loans, with 6 Collectors Averaging 2.5% to 3%

I’m collecting about 6500 accounts (non prime car loans) with 6 collectors and Enghouse. My average delinquency is around 3% – 2.5 %.  Industry average is 5 – 7%. Really good results!

Milton Watts, SVP Indirect Lending

Anderson Brothers Bank

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