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Delinquency for 15-30 and 30-60 Days Outstanding, Fell by a Whopping 50%!

Minnco Credit Union (MCU) has provided the people of East Central Minnesota with quality financial products and services since 1935. Having grown to more than 28,000 members, MCU offers an array of new, convenient offerings via five branches across Minnesota.

As a Collections Officer, I was looking to significantly improve our ability to collect overdue loan payments from our members. Traditionally, our collection methods were “snail mail” and phone calls but neither was particularly efficient or cost-effective: Letters involve postage costs and a lag in two-way communication, while phone calls every three days are time-consuming and typically required us to leave unanswered, recorded messages as members seek to avoid uncomfortable real-time conversations about payments owing.

Although we have current email address for roughly 25% of or members, I wanted to explore using the email channel to expedite responses from delinquent members, in a less time-consuming and cost- intensive way. Working with Doug Caffrey at Intelligent Banking Solutions™, a Collections and Recovery software provider to the banking and credit union industry, Enghouse Interactive was brought in to implement their Outbound Communications solution, Hosted SmartDial.

Although only implemented just 1.5 months ago, the results have been dramatic and immediate: We now receive 50 email responses a week. Delinquency for 15-30 and 30-60 days outstanding, fell by a whopping 50%! We are so encouraged by these early results that we intend to start leveraging this solution to reduce overdrawn account balances as well.

I have fairly exacting standards however, Enghouse Interactive’s solution delivered an immediate, positive impact to our credit union. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!

Amanda Koivisto, Collections Officer

Minnco Credit Union

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We Appreciate Intelligent Banking Solutions

We appreciate Intelligent Banking Solutions and the support that is provided.

Rahul Maraboyina

General Electric Credit Union

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A Big Thank You To Rob

A big thank you to Rob for jumping on this so quickly and creating exactly what we needed.  I’ve already added a few arrangements in using the new process. It works great. Thanks for the great service.

Jim Viola, VP Member Solutions

Nusenda Credit Union

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Your Team is One of The Best I Have Ever Worked With

We have valued Intelligent Banking Solutions partnership and support over the years. Your team is one of the best I have ever worked with. Mike, Katie, Kayla, Dee and everyone on your support team are more than helpful. I can’t say enough about them. Over the years we have had questions (whether it be a technical issue or a stupid question from me) and your staff answered them quickly and painlessly. I cannot say enough good things about your team. We consider Intelligent Banking Solutions, you, Cindy and all your staff as true partners and family. As my SR. VP of IT said to you when we were working on a project a few months ago, “You aren’t just a partner you are family“.

Wanda Walsh, VP/Collections Manager

Fidelity Bank

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I Can’t Tell You Enough How Much We Love it!

I wanted to touch base and give an update on how the Enghouse integration is going. I can’t tell you enough how much we love it! It has changed how we engage with our members considerably. We are still only using the email function, however, on average we are getting over 50 responses from these emails weekly. They are responding via email, texting and calling. (Our collection number is setup to send and receive text messages through ZipWhip.) Those 50 responses save us well over 2 hours weekly as we are not having to make these calls and we are getting responses from people that have never responded to our calls.. Also, our promise to pays are up. It’s all around well worth the setup time and cost. We have a list of new campaigns we are going to be setting up in the near future and excited to see how else we can utilize this program in the future.

Amanda Koivisto, Collections Officer

Minnco Credit Union

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