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I’ve Used 10 Different Systems – This is By Far the Best!

  1. CarmPro is totally customizable to our size and needs and we can make changes to how we use the system internally instead of always having to call support.
  2. The features in CarmPro have allowed us to create efficiencies requiring half of the staff we should have.
  3. We can do everything we need to in CarmPro, instead of bouncing system to system.
  4. The staff at IBS is responsive and fast.
  5. When speaking at conferences or talking to colleagues, I always suggest IBS to others that are looking for a collections system.
  6. I’ve used more than 10 different systems over the years and this is, by far, the best one.

Eddie A., Senior Collector

Simplicity Credit Union

Simplicity credit union logo.

Recovery as a % of Charge-Offs increased from 11.3 % to 20.0 %

Reduced delinquency as a percentage of outstanding :  PL  2.44 % to 1.63 %; CL 2.0 % to 1.66 % and RL 4.2 % to 2.66 %; in hard dollars delinquency has been reduced 20 %.  Recovery as a % of Charge-offs increased from 11.3 % to 20.0 %.

Steve Hawkins

Chemical Bank

Chemical Bank logo.

Reduced Net Charge-Offs from .70% to .45%

Reduced delinquency as a percentage of outstanding from 4.5% to 3.5%.  Reduced net Charge-offs from 0.70% to 0.45%.

David Bowles

Peoples Bank

Peoples Bank logo.

Hard-Dollar Delinquencies Down 50%

Reduced hard-dollar delinquency by 50%, as percentage of outstanding from 7% to 4%. Reduced charge-offs from 4% of outstandings to 2%.

Mickey Watts, SVP Indirect Lending

Anderson Brothers Bank

ABB Logo

Hard Dollar Delinquencies Down 44%

Reduced hard dollar delinquency by 44%.

Karen Venturini

Next Mark Credit Union

Next Mark Credit Union logo.