100% Committed to Bank and Credit Union Collection and Recovery

About Intelligent Banking Solutions: Collection and Recovery Software for Banks and Credit Unions

Since 1989, Intelligent Banking Solutions’ dedicated software for banks and credit unions has transformed debt collection and recovery for financial institutions.

Our team’s single focus on development and support of Intelligent Banking Solutions debt collection software has enabled more than 1,200 clients worldwide to successfully streamline their collections efforts.

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Software for Banks by Debt Collection and Recovery Experts

What differentiates Intelligent Banking Solutions banking software from other bank software providers is that our experts are business people as well as bank software developers.

We realize that each client’s organizational culture, policies, strategies, and business environment is unique to their brand.

Thus, Intelligent Banking Solutions banking system products enable each client to fully customize their collection process to reflect their values and brand persona.

Intelligent Banking Solutions Banking Software Empowers You to Customize Your Debt Collection Process to Reflect Your Brand’s Values and Personality.

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Proactive Collection and Recovery Software Adapts to Evolving Regulations & Requirements

Now more than ever, banks and credit unions must quickly adapt to ever-changing market conditions, state and federal regulations, and the various collection and compliance requirements of investors, insurers, and guarantors.

To remain competitive, collections officers must be able to quickly and easily customize their bank collections software to accommodate changes in real time.

Fully-customizable CARM-Pro™ collections and asset recovery software by Intelligent Banking Solutions is the most proactively-developed, intuitive software dedicated for banks and credit unions.

This scalable leading-edge solution delivers the complete collection and special asset automation capabilities that today’s contemporary collection environments demand.

Intelligent Banking Solutions also regularly updates CARM-Pro™ technology to enable proactive, real-time response to inevitable changes in the market, federal and state regulations, investor/insurer/guarantor collection requirements, and lending products.

This superior software for banks and credit unions also improves collections compliance by tracking foreclosures, repossessions and bankruptcies, and supports management initiatives by providing enhanced C-level tracking and reporting tools.

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More than a Bank Software Company:  A Partner to Community Banks and Credit Unions

As a privately-held U.S. based corporation, Intelligent Banking Solutions maintains a clear focus on building long term collection and recovery automation success. 

Our team is not pressured by venture capitalists, outside industry funding sources or external/public stockholders. 

Instead, Intelligent Banking Solutions can completely dedicate itself to long-term partnership building by doing what it takes to ensure the effectiveness of CARM-Pro™, and doing what is best for our client-partners.

We do not have to make short-term “tactical” responses, just to maximize net income this month or quarter.

We can focus and deliver whatever is in the best interest of our clients, including strategies to achieve their long-term success. 

If you cannot remember the last (major) upgrade to your collection system, and it takes many selections in your vendor’s phone-support tree to access a resource with some level of knowledge regarding their product, it’s time to consider partnering with Intelligent Banking Solutions. 

Our sole mission and purpose is to provide the most dynamic and targeted banking software for banks and credit unions. 

This clear and unwavering focus ensures that Intelligent Banking Solutions clients reap long-term benefits of single-source collection and recovery technology that only a dedicated business partner can provide.

The term “partner” is not merely a buzzword at Intelligent Banking Solutions; it’s a key tenet of our culture.  Our team members regard each other as partners, and together we value each relationship-channel partner we support –from core servicing system providers to collection industry-specific solution providers.

Inclusive Partner Culture Fosters Client-Driven Collection and Recovery Software Enhancements

Our inclusive partner culture, combined with dedicated focus, fosters the many client-driven enhancements that empower our partners’ consistent success.

Examples of client-driven enhancements from a recent release of CARM-Pro™ include:

Our goal with each new release of this powerful community bank software is to incorporate:

Other features that differentiate Intelligent Banking Solutions software for banks include:

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Collection and Recovery Software

Collection and Recovery Software for Banks

Intelligent Banking Solutions maintains a clear and singular focus on developing and supporting one product: CARM-Pro™ collection and recovery software for banks and credit unions.

Yes! We encourage all prospective users of our banking software to speak directly with our active clients, to experience a direct “banker to banker” dialog regarding the benefits, features and results-driven nature of our fully-adaptable, scalable, and flexible debt collection and recovery software.

Intelligent Banking Solutions has licensed CARM-Pro™ banking software to more than 1,200 clients throughout 49 states and the Caribbean region.

Intelligent Banking Solutions headquarters is located in New London, New Hampshire.  This location provides an ideal quality of life for our developers and sales team, as it is situated near rural mountains and lakes, and just 90 miles north of the bustling economic and technology hub of Boston, Massachusetts.