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Debt Collection Software for Banks: The Complete Benefits of CARM-Pro™

As a single-product, single-industry firm, Intelligent Banking Solutions focuses exclusively on debt collection software for banks.  

You need not explain banking to us.  We have firsthand experience with your asset recovery challenges, and have spent more than three decades perfecting the best debt collection software for banking: CARM-Pro™ Collection and Recovery Manager – Professional™.

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Comprehensively Manage All Debt with Proven Bank Debt Collection Software 

CARM-Pro™ debt collection software is the vital technology your special asset officers need to comprehensively record, manage, and recover all debt owed to your bank.  This robust system empowers banks to increase income, decrease loan delinquencies, and reduce debt charge-offs.

CARM-Pro seamlessly interfaces and integrates with your bank’s core and non-primary account servicing system. This allows your account managers to gain a full overview and status of all borrower accounts.  

Collectors can also easily initiate or adjust workflow configurations to perform compliance steps that ensure proactive communication follow-through with this comprehensive automated debt collection software.

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CARM-Pro™ Debt Collection Software for Banks Enables Collectors To Proactively:

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Efficiently Enforce Your Bank’s Unique Debt Collection Strategy

The robust CARM-Pro™ database has unlimited fields that enable banks to store and leverage any data they require to implement their debt collection strategies.

CARM-Pro™ software allows for unlimited collector assignments and unlimited inclusion and exclusion parameters.

This flexibility enables Intelligent Banking Solutions’ clients to fully deploy the software’s robust/complex decisioning capabilities to assign account queues according to their own unique debt collection strategies.

The Best Debt Collection Software for Banks

Customers say the best debt collection software for banks is CARM-Pro™ for the following reasons:

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Recover More Assets with Automation and Collector Action-initiated Workflows

CARM-Pro’s powerful automation and collector action-initiated workflows make this automated debt collection software an indispensable debt collection and asset recovery tool for bankers.

This feature-rich banking software streamlines debt collection strategies for banks by sequencing, automating and recording every step or action a collector makes to recover any debt owed to the bank.

How Banks Use CARM-Pro™ Debt Collection Software to Recover More Assets:

Answers to FAQs about CARM-Pro™ Automated Debt Collection Software

Debt Collection Software for Banks

Yes. CARM-Pro™ Collections and Asset Recovery Manger – Professional™ is designed to interface with virtually every core account servicing system deployed in the U.S.  Intelligent Banking Solutions maintains strong relationships with all of the top providers of core account servicing systems with standard interfaces and integrations.

Yes.  Every component of CARM-Pro™ may be changed by authorized users at your financial institution.

CARM-Pro™ was created in 1989 with the anchor requisites that nothing is hard-coded and everything is client-configurable.  This supports every financial institution’s debt collection strategy by enabling them to configure CARM-Pro™ technology to their needs. Intelligent Banking Solutions understands that each banking collection environment is unique, and that banks cannot invest the time and expense of engaging a vendor to perform each system change.

Collecting a past due debt is not unique to banking. But now more than ever, your loan officers must manage an increasingly wide range of variable and complex debts. 

Specialty loans of all types are now common, as well as rising credit card debt, overdrawn deposit accounts, and more. Increasing regulations, coupled with the demands of loan insurers, bank guarantors, and other vested parties each add rigorous compliance obligations to your bank’s collection process.  

The business goals and debt collection strategies for banks are very different from the goals and strategies of collection agencies seeking to collect on someone else’s debt, or to collect on debt that they purchased. That’s why CARM-Pro™ was created to serve as dedicated debt collection software for banking.

Our bank client-partners consistently tell us that CARM-Pro™ is the best debt collection software they’ve ever used.  Of the many reasons that clients cite for highly-ranking the technology, the most common feedback is that CARM-Pro™ is comprehensive, user-friendly, intuitive, configurable, customizable, cost-effective, compliance-increasing, risk-reducing and revenue-generating.

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Rob co-founded Intelligent Banking Solutions, Inc. in 1989, after spending six years as a lead developer for a core banking system, and three years as the SVP, MIS at St Mary’s Bank. Rob’s focus remains growing Intelligent Banking Solutions' staff, so we provide world class collection and recovery solutions to banks and credit unions, while expanding our partner channels beyond all main core system providers and primary ancillary product relationship partners.