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CARM-Pro™: The Most Widely-Used Debt Collection Management System For Banks and Credit Unions

Since 1989, our sole focus at IBS has been to develop and support a single, dynamic, proactive debt collection management system for banks and financial institutions in the U.S., enabling them to improve their total assets per FTE.

A solution that empowers bank debt collectors to eliminate manual tasks, enhance productivity, reduce risk, comply with internal and external policies, decrease total outstanding debt, and prevent charge-offs.

“Since we installed the IBS collections software our delinquencies
have dropped significantly.”

Tarry Pribble, AVP – Collections First National Bank of AltaVista

CARM-Pro Explainer Videos for Presidents & CEOs, Vice Presidents and Collection Managers

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The Most Powerful Debt Collection Management System in Banking

This powerful solution is CARM-Pro™, our proven Collection and Asset Recovery Management technology. 

CARM-Pro is desktop and browser-based debt collection and recovery software.

It streamlines the complex collection management process, ensures compliance with internal and external collection and recovery policies, helps to grow bank income, and lowers costs through resource efficiency.

The Trusted Loan Collection Software for Over 1200 Banks and Credit Unions

Currently licensed by more than 1200 financial institutions in the U.S., the scalable functions of CARM-Pro™ are ideal for community banks and credit unions with limited collection staffs, as well as large banking institutions with billions in loans and reserves.

CARM-Pro™ is compatible with any financial institution’s existing core banking system, and operates in mixed technology environments on-site or in a data center.

“We built CARM-Pro™ to be the most dynamic, user-friendly system for banks and credit unions to manage delinquent accounts and recover assets.”

Rob Daley, Founder & President | Intelligent Banking Solutions, Inc.

Features and Benefits of The Most Automated Debt Collection Management Software for Banks

Below you’ll learn the many reasons why CARM-Pro™ is the premier comprehensive loan collection software that delivers intuitive, user-friendly, configurable, adaptable, automated support for community banks, credit unions, and larger financial institutions across the U.S.

We invite you to contact us for a Discovery Call to discuss your bank’s current debt recovery process, and explore how CARM-Pro™ can enhance your team’s management of accounts receivable.

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Report Library – Click Image to Expand View

Proactively Organize & Manage All Debt Owed Your Bank or Credit Union

Successful management of accounts receivable stems from proactively setting goals and implementing processes that monitor and measure progress against established metrics.

Activities can be segmented into three phases, including pre-litigation, litigation, and recovery.

Suggested categories for which to establish goals include:  percent delinquency at month-end, roll rate, net charged off, etc.

Automatically Interfaces with Multiple Core Banking Technology Platforms

IBS is partnered with all of the leading core financial service technology providers. This enables your bank to seamlessly import and access debtor account information in real time.

CARM-Pro™ Seamlessly Interfaces With These Core Banking Technology Platforms:

  • Black Knight
  • COCC Insight
  • Corelation Keystone
  • FIS Bankway
  • Fiserv DNA Enhanced
  • Fiserv DNA Standard
  • Fiserv Summit
  • Fiserv Vision Cleartouch
  • Fiserv ITI Premeir
  • In-House/Custom
  • Jack Henry ODI Silverlake
  • Jack Henry ODI CIF 20/20
  • Jack Henry ODI Core Diretor
  • Symitar EPISYS

“There is NO core banking system that CARM-Pro™ doesn’t seamlessly interface with.”

Rob Daley, Founder & President | IBS

Consolidates All Collection Account Types for Maximum Efficiency

You can stop the inefficient toggling between various types of collection accounts maintained in your core banking platform or other collection systems.

CARM-Pro™ debt collection software for banks allows multiple imports from various source-systems and consolidates all types of collection accounts into one robust environment that provides user-friendly, easy-access account tracking and management.

Collections integration with core system.
Real Time Core System Integration – Click Image to Enlarge

Secure, Intuitive Collections Environment Ensures Focus and Accuracy

“Great Software, Great Support: Flexible, Easy to Use, Accommodates Huge Client Growth”

Debbie Weisenberger, Asset Recovery Director – First Federal Savings Bank of Rochester

Automates Collections to Maximize Income and Reduce Delinquencies

The goal of an automated debt collection management system is to accelerate the collections process and reduce the number of cases that convert to special collections.

This enables your team to keep their focus on protecting customer relationships rather than pursuing delinquencies.

CARM-Pro debt collection management system configuration screen shot.
Workflow Configuration – Click Image to Enlarge

CARM-Pro™ provides these compliance enforcement tools to manage delinquent accounts:

Debt collection management syste amutomated debtor letters screenshot.
Manual or Fully-Automated Letters – Click Image to Enlarge
Debt collection management system account history screenshot.
Account History – Click Image to Enlarge

Records Every Debt Collection Step and Provides Clear Next Steps

The key premise of CARM-Pro™ is that every action taken by your institution’s debt collection staff must result in a clear next step, such as follow-up on an expired demand, missed promise or other delinquency. 

Each next step is called a “tickler” and becomes part of a collector’s daily workflow. 

As each tickler is attempted or satisfied (for example, a committed promise to pay is honored), the outcome is automatically recorded.

The tickler then progresses as a subsequent step in the workflow, or is removed if satisfied.

Sorts & Sequences Daily Workflow Based on Your Financial Institution’s Priorities

Automatic workflow sequencing enables consistent review of debtor status (broken promises, expired demands, no contact, etc.) according to your financial institution’s priorities.

This dependable automation eliminates time-consuming manual review and verification steps, and enables bank collections staff to focus on more productive management of accounts receivable.

CARM-Pro debt collection management systems' phone payment interface.
Accept Phone Payments – Click Image to Expand View
Accepts Loan Payments by Phone, Same-day ACH

Collectors can accept phone payments, while your debtors can access convenient 24×7 self-payment options.

Payments arrive as same-day ACH, including both the funding and the payment (allowing fully automated phone/self-pay via ACH posting, with no human intervention necessary to direct the funds to the correct loan account).

Automatically Monitor and Leverage Changes in Debtor Status

Automatically Monitor Debtor Status 

CARM-Pro™ automatically monitors and flags debtor profiles to alert bank loan collection agents to changes in debtor status, including bankruptcies, debtor deceasement, litigious debtor, judgements and liens, delinquency score changes, incarceration, employment changes..

Automatically Monitor Debtor Contact Information

CARM-Pro™ also enables interactive single-click research of debtor contact information including: phone numbers, addresses, relatives, associates, nearbys, property, motor vehicle, people at work, reverse DA, phone type (land, cell, VOIP, etc.) and military status.

IT-Friendly CARM-Pro™ Bank Collection Management Software Operates on All Microsoft Platforms

No Unique System Requirements 

CARM-Pro™ debt collections management software is valued by bank loan collection officers and their IT Departments.

It operates on all standard Microsoft-supported platforms or prerequisite systems including Windows Desktop and Windows Network, as well as SQL Server and IIS server.

Direct Support from IBS Collections Management Experts

The IBS CARM Software tool is fully backed by the IBS commitment to responsive, premium service at every stage of the banking software lifecycle.

From system implementation and deployment to software training, upgrades and troubleshooting, IBS experts provide the prompt support you need to configure and optimize your system’s performance.

As a single product, single industry-focused firm, IBS is renowned for unmatched knowledge and service.

Proven Debt Collection and Recovery Software for the Banking Industry

It’s time to put our 30+ years of experience to work for you, and discover how CARM-Pro™ can transform your bank’s debt collection management system.  

Talk with us and learn how this contemporary technology will practically pay for itself by increasing net income without increasing FTEs for your organization.

Systematically Manage and Recover all Debts Owed your Bank or Credit Union

CARM-Pro™ automation and task sequencing features enable banks and credit unions to systematically manage all debt stages and issues, to reduce delinquencies and prevent charge-offs.

Our proven ARM-Pro™ Asset Recovery Manager is a module available within the CARM-Pro™ suite of features. When activated, this module enables financial institutions to manage the full life cycle of bank collections – including recovery of special collection loans that can represent vast income recovery. 

A Customized Approach to Debt Collection Management 

We encourage our banking industry clients to customize the features of CARM-Pro to reflect their corporate culture and values, and the unique personality of their brand.  

The Scalable Solution for Your Bank or Credit Union’s Corporate Culture

The scalable nature and full configurability of this powerful debt collection and recovery software enables bank collections employees to make instant system changes that accommodate changing environments.

It also maximizes efficiency, effectiveness, and system longevity.   

Easily Configure Debt Collection Database Fields 

Users can easily add, delete, and reconfigure fields (and field code translations) in the database, as well as standard messages, screens, data on screens, letters, and other system calculations.

Extend CARM-Pro’s standard information with all additional information that your institution requires.

Open Database Enables Robust Reporting of Key Metrics

In just a few clicks, users can generate standard IBS-provided reports, in-house reports, or ad hoc custom reports to track key metrics.

CARM-Pro: Debt Collection Management System FAQs

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