CARM-Pro - The most widely used collection and recovery software in US banking.
IBS: Dedicated to Collection and Recovery Software and Automation in the Banking Industry Since 1989
CARM-Pro - Licensed to almost 900 Financial Institutions Since 1989.
ARM-Pro - The most widely used Recovery and Special Asset Tracking software in US Banks and Credit Unions.
CARM-Pro - Credit Union and Bank Collection Compliance Software for todays turbulent times.
CARM-Pro - The most widely used independent bank collection software in US banking.

Introducing America's Leading Solution for Credit Union Collections

CARM - Pro is America's most widely used, dedicated software for credit union collections and collection management. It automates debt collection and special asset recovery operations providing substantial operational, regulatory and financial advantages to your credit union.

CARM - Pro software for credit unions addresses the challenges that affect performance such as delinquencies, charge offs and the growing complexity of state and federal collection regulations. This simplifies how credit unions approach the objectives that have the greatest impact on profitability and productivity. Like growing non-interest income, closing compliance loopholes, reducing risk and improving access to strategic information.

Powerful, Reliable Credit Union Collections Capabilities

CARM - Pro software for credit unions offers powerful workflow automation capabilities that are unmatched in ease and reliability. Backed by our steadfast focus on customer support and training, our software for credit unions reduces errors and improves the productivity of everyone at your institution from the executive office to collections management to IT.

The IBS CARM - Pro Advantage

  • Optimize recovery income
  • Improve collection compliance
  • Streamline charged - off/special asset account-level income and expense tracking
  • Track all stages and debt issues
  • Increase productivity and capacity while reducing FTE's
  • Simplify vendor management
  • Automate workflow and communications Simplify reporting Scale with growth
  • Simplify reporting
  • Scale with growth