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CARM-Pro™: The Ideal Credit Union Collections Software

Intelligent Banking Solutions knows the important nuances of credit union collections

As a not-for-profit, member-owned organization, your credit union exists to serve the cooperative needs of your community and members, and grow your return on assets. 

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We understand your mission, and our firsthand experience will help you fulfill it. Of all the credit union software companies purporting to support credit union collections, only Intelligent Banking Solutions maintains a sole focus on providing a single-product debt collection software solution for credit unions.

Proven Recovery Processes Enable Responsible Collection Management Services

For more than 30 years we have perfected the ideal credit union collections software:  CARM-Pro™ Collection and Recovery Manager – Professional™. 

CARM-Pro™ software for credit unions by Intelligent Banking Solutions enables your credit union to responsibly recover delinquent accounts and responsively serve your organization’s member-owners.

Your loan collection and member service representatives can easily configure this proactive technology on-demand to effectively monitor, measure and recover all outstanding loans owed to your credit union.

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CARM-Pro™ Technology is the Best Credit Union Debt Collection Software for:

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Fully Manage Debt with Scalable Credit Union Collections Software 

CARM-Pro™ scalable credit union collections software provides your collections staff with a single, proven system to thoroughly view and manage all of your members’ deposit accounts and loans.

Boost Operational Efficiency with Special Collections Recovery Software Functionality

Comprehensive configurations are tuned to enable collectors to manage all past due, delinquent and charged off accounts, as well as track bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, and manage Real Estate Owned (REO) in a single, powerful credit union collections software product.

CARM-Pro™ Collections Software Streamlines Member Debt Management and Enhances Loan Growth Strategies & Recovery Operations for Credit Unions

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Pursue More Loan Growth Strategies to Increase your Credit Union’s Return on Assets

Unlike for-profit banks, your credit union must facilitate your members’ financial wellbeing as well as achieve positive key metrics such as asset growth, member growth, and return on assets (ROA). 

Intelligent Banking Solutions’ debt collection management software is thoughtfully designed to support credit union loan growth strategies

CARM-Pro’s scalability to any sized debt collection practice makes it the ideal small credit union software as well as large credit union software, with flexible capabilities that serve you and your members at every stage of your growth.

Growth in Debtor Loan Accounts Delinquency Requires Performance Efficiency

Loan growth represents the interval-to-interval difference in a credit union’s number of outstanding loans. 

It is influenced by current economic factors, as well as a credit union’s risk-tolerance, member demographics, and ability to grow market share.  Growth in consumer lending naturally increases accounts receivable delinquency rates, starting with early stage delinquency. Each stage of delinquency requires efficient bank debt collection management and superior reporting to ensure regulatory compliance.

Improve Debt Management in Banking with Credit Union Management Software

CARM-Pro™ is the most comprehensive and contemporary collections software your credit union can use to streamline debt management and enhance your loan growth strategies.

Every Communication Can Be Customized in CARM-Pro™ to Initiate Positive, Proactive Interaction with Your Members, and Reflect Your Credit Union’s Supportive Culture.

Personalize Member Interaction with Customized Automated Debtor Messaging 

A supportive culture and respect for members’ financial wellbeing motivates credit unions to be more tolerant and less aggressive with demands on delinquent borrowers in situations such as pending foreclosures, bankruptcies, repossessions, and more.

Credit union loan service representatives often do whatever they can to support each member-borrower’s best interests in working out his or her financial situation.  

Feature-rich and fully-customizable CARM-Pro™ technology enables credit union loan collection operations representatives to recover debt by cooperatively facilitating member loan repayment.

Customized Automations Processes Enable Personalized Customer Support

Your team can personalize all member communications with customized messages that reflect the tone, integrity, and principals that represent your credit union’s supportive culture and brand personality.  All automatic customer touches, such as automated call, SMS, email or letter can be customized to initiate positive, proactive member interactions that preserve customer relationships. A key feature of CARM-Pro’s debt recovery software solutions is a robust customer payment portal. This communication tool eliminates invoice chasing, and increase in efficiency.

Streamlined Workflows and Reports Enhance User Experiences

Your professional debt collection representatives will also appreciate the robust CARM-Pro™ task lists and workflows that eliminate tedious manual tasks and empower them to focus their efforts on other revenue-generating activities.

Accountable reporting and the detailed analytics of a detailed validation report provide actionable insights regarding debt history, collections performance, performance over time, consumer financing and resource management.

CARM-Pro’s intuitive functionalities enable various user types to generate a report with statistics about key metrics. This provides valuable insights about payment history of higher priority accounts, common payment types used, predictive analytics, and other analytics per debtor.

Streamlined workflows and debt collection systems improve efficiency so much that credit unions need not outsource collections to third-party collectors or other professional support services.

Improve Compliance with Proven Credit Union Risk Management Software

CARM-Pro seamlessly works with your credit union’s core account servicing system. It services as a powerful automation solution and centralized database for critical documents and task management.

This common functionality allows your member service specialists to gain a full overview and status of all borrowers’ accounts.

This proven credit union risk management software enables collectors to set or change workflow configurations that comply with all required steps of the collections process. This modern, web-based debt collection platform eliminates outdated debt collection workflow based on manual collection and payment processing. 

Robust credit union compliance software supports risk management. CARM-Pro compliance tools and risk scoring capabilities empower your team to comply with internal credit union collection policies, as well as all state and federal credit bureau regulations, such as those of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) credit reporting agency. From strategy to delivery, CARM-Pro platform for collections teams enable financial risk reduction and meet security requirements for legal documents throughout the receivables process.

Intelligent Banking Solutions’ Client-Partner Spotlight:  Simplicity Credit Union

Simplicity Credit Union has been a proud Intelligent Banking Solutions’ client-partner since 2009. As a financial cooperative, Simplicity has grown from 13 members at its inception in 1949 to now serve more than 25,000 members via seven locations.

As a self-proclaimed “progressive, people-centered” financial services cooperative, living out its mission “to make the complex simple”, Simplicity’s business model is tied to core values including:  cooperation, leadership, integrity, creativity, and dependability. 

In his own words, Eddie A., Senior Collector with Simplicity Credit Union shares 7 key reasons why his team values CARM-Pro™ technology and Intelligent Banking Solutions partnership:

Frequently Asked Questions about CARM-Pro™ Credit Union Software Solutions

Credit Union Collections Software

Yes, your collections team can customize CARM-Pro software for collections to project the image, values and personality of your credit union. CARM-Pro provides a full suite of standard voicemail, SMS, and email messaging options, and also allows users to custom-create debtor messaging of any type. CARM-Pro’s customizable accounting software automation and credit card integration enables bankers to define their own message delivery parameters and schedule. This next generation collection solution enhances resource productivity streamlines accounting operations for your collection managers.

Our team’s singular-focus on development, sales and support of comprehensive collection software for credit unions is a major advantage for your member-driven organization.  Our founding Intelligent Banking Solutions values and business philosophy are also comparable to yours.

As a privately-held corporation, we value partnership with you as our client, as you value partnership with your members.  We treat your goals as our goals, as we engage in the same activity of ultimately supporting your members.  We do this by fully supporting you with the credit union software solutions you need to grow your revenue and reinvest profits in support of your members. The many positive user reviews of our complete collections process praise CARM-Pro configurable debt collection software and real-time collection scoring platform as their solution to debt collection.

CARM-Pro™ by Intelligent Banking Solutions is a credit union software solution for receivable collections that seamlessly interfaces with every major brand of core account servicing system. It ranks among the world’s leading recovery software platforms as one of the most trusted debt collection products available. Throughout our 30-year history, our firm has earned a positive reputation with these providers, as well as more than 1,200 financial institution partner-clients throughout the U.S.

Intelligent Banking Solutions’ credit union collections software represents several advantages for your collections staff and credit union members as you grow your collection business. Key features of CARM-Pro’s robust workflows and advanced management capabilities enable loan officers to offer members a larger portfolio of loan-products, which enhances your financial institution’s loan growth. CARM-Pro’s compliance features enable your team to meet the rigorous demands of insurance agencies and government regulations by other government agencies, to lower your risk of noncompliance, for the protection of member-owners. Accounts receivable management through process driven workflows enhance credit union collections and profit.