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Credit and Collection Policy Fundamentals


Effective credit and collections policies, along with advanced bank software, helps organizations control the risk and remain in compliance. Managing the aged segment of financial institution’s accounts-receivable portfolio requires procedures that echo the mission and goals of the bank’s credit department. Clear guidelines ensure trustworthy and efficient administration that helps realize those objectives.

In today’s economic and retail banking atmosphere, accounts receivable matter significantly to the bottom-line. That is why now is a good time to establish or review the financial institution’s guidelines.

Effectively managing accounts receivable is about ensuring consistency in A/R processes. The key to this reliability is designing and implementing a policy. Appropriately constructed and applied, this policy greatly assists your entire loan collection and recovery process.

Current events have put loan gathering departments to the test and forced them to become more resourceful.

CARM-Pro robust bank loan collection and recovery software helps banks and credit unions increase revenues and reduce costs through improvements in compliance, resource efficiency, and superior reporting.

Establish Goals

Goals for the next year should be included as part of your procedures. They should remain consistent with the strategic course of the organization and reviewed and updated annually.

Goals should link to targets to function as drivers for the improvement of accounts receivable management. In addition they need monitoring and measuring against established metrics. Activity should be segmented into phases such as pre-litigation, litigation, and recovery. Some suggested categories in establishing goals: Days Sales Outstanding, Percent Current, Collection Effectiveness Index, Aging Bucket Performance and Bad Debt Write-off percentage

Implementing a standard credit evaluation as a piece of the policy allows financial institutions to monitor any modifications in the risk level of your receivable portfolio. Organizations can then modify its policy accordingly. Particularly, if the portfolio is becoming riskier, banks and credit unions can revise limits based on shifting levels of creditworthiness.

A valuable method to monitor and share performance results is to create a graphical depiction of analytics using vigorous bank software. The right system ensures your financial institution has the right information at hand at all times.

Our system helps evaluate any debt owed the bank or credit union. If the client owes the financial institution, for any reason, CARM-Pro can accommodate that past due debt and analysis.

The Right Message

Each customer representative should also communicate the correct message and handle customers’ arguments effectively. Scripts should take into account the customer’s profile and level of delinquency and that support the financial institution’s code of ethics.

Delinquent activity demands progressive pressure exerted to ensure the right amount and type of persuasion at every stage. Every stage needs a consistent approach for the customers involved, and by the operation of a specialized unit within the bank’s organization.

Depending on the delinquency stage repayment agreements can take numerous forms. By including the terms of sale in the credit policy it sets up guidelines that allow for fast, reliable decision making.

Efficiently managing accounts receivable is about ensuring uniformity in your methodology.

Our Online Self-Guided User Training Modules provides interactive training, to ensure consistent and compliant representation approaches, at no additional cost to support IBS clients, allowing platform users to take the online classes based on their availability.