CARM-Pro - The most widely used collection and recovery software in US banking.
IBS: Dedicated to Collection and Recovery Software and Automation in the Banking Industry Since 1989
CARM-Pro - Licensed to almost 900 Financial Institutions Since 1989.
ARM-Pro - The most widely used Recovery and Special Asset Tracking software in US Banks and Credit Unions.
CARM-Pro - Credit Union and Bank Collection Compliance Software for todays turbulent times.
CARM-Pro - The most widely used independent bank collection software in US banking.

IBS Collection and Asset Recovery Manager: CARM-Pro™ and CARM-Web™

CMS Screen – CARM Web


IBS Collection and Asset Recovery Manager software simplifies complex delinquency collections processes to help banks and credit unions improve results by operating at lower cost and with less risk. It automates collections, recovery and compliance activities to maximize income, enabling you to:

  • Reduce delinquencies and charge-offs
  • Increase control of delinquency volumes
  • Improve compliance with internal, and state and federal collection standards
  • Streamline reporting and information access

Flexible Solution Supports Growth... and Your Success

The IBS Collection and Asset Recovery Manager operates in mixed technology environments onsite or in a data center. Available in desktop- (CARM-Pro) and browser-based (CARM-Web) editions, it enables growth with scalable functions that support both small organizations with limited collection and recovery staff and large institutions with billions in assets.

The IBS Collections and Asset Recovery Manager is backed by the IBS commitment to responsive, premium service at every stage of the software lifecycle. From implementation and deployment to software training, upgrades and troubleshooting–IBS provides the prompt, expert support you need to perform productively and with success.

IBS Collection and Asset Recover Manager Benefits:

  • Automate collections to maximize income and reduce delinquencies, charge-offs and at-risk assets with:
    • Outbound debtor messages
    • Rule-based and single-click letters
    • Single-click standard and custom messages
    • Comprehensive scoring options for collectability, bankruptcy predictability, credit and other factors that impact queues
  • Improve compliance enforcement with:
    • Custom-configured workflows
    • Automated and manual follow-up ticklers
    • Improved documentation
    • Outbound debtor messaging, rule-based and single-click letters, and single-click standard or custom messages
  • Consolidate all collection account types into one including:
    • Consumer, mortgage and commercial loans
    • Credit cards
    • Negative balance deposits
    • Leases
  • Track all stages and debt issues including:
    • Past due and delinquencies
    • Charged-off debts
    • Bankruptcies
    • Foreclosures
    • Repossessions
    • OREO
  • Increase productivity, accuracy, security and compliance with:
    • Functional and system access controls
    • Custom-configured workflows
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Custom-configured debtor information screens to minimize pre-call hunt-and-search operations
  • Maximize efficiency with powerful, flexible queues and unlimited work lists to:
    • Work the right accounts in the right sequence
    • Simplify management of bankruptcies, repossessions and foreclosures involving sensitive accounts such as employers, vendors, loan officers and institutional branches
  • Automate status, control and ad hoc reporting of:
    • Litigation preparation
    • Loan review meetings
    • Onsite collections
    • Monthly trends
    • Interactive charting
    • Net flow rate
    • Funds by collector
    • Collector activities and queues
    • Board reports
    • Month end detail reports
    • Delinquent account charts, summaries and details
    • Account by delinquency
    • Special status reports
    • SoundBite summaries for voice messaging, alerts, direct connects

System Requirements

CARM Pro™ v4 will run on any supported version of Windows server or desktop Operating System with all upgrades and Service Packs installed, on hardware that meets Microsoft's minimum requirements. Please be aware that Microsoft only offers Extended Support for XP Desktop and it is being phased out. We also recommend that CARM Pro™ v4 be viewed on a 17" or greater monitor.

CARM Pro™ v4 requires a supported version of MS SQL Server with all upgrades and Service Packs installed, on hardware that meets Microsoft's minimum requirements. Please be aware that Microsoft ended mainstream (hotfix) support for SQL 2000 on 4/8/2008 and only offers an Extended Support option.

CARM Pro™ v4 Web also requires a Microsoft IIS Server running a supported Microsoft Operating System with all upgrades and Service Packs installed, on hardware that meets Microsoft's minimum requirements. Please be aware that Microsoft's Extended Support for Windows 2000 Server ended on July 13, 2010. Windows 2000 Server is no longer be publicly supported by Microsoft or IBS.