CARM-Pro - The most widely used collection and recovery software in US banking.
IBS: Dedicated to Collection and Recovery Software and Automation in the Banking Industry Since 1989
CARM-Pro - Licensed to almost 900 Financial Institutions Since 1989.
ARM-Pro - The most widely used Recovery and Special Asset Tracking software in US Banks and Credit Unions.
CARM-Pro - Credit Union and Bank Collection Compliance Software for todays turbulent times.
CARM-Pro - The most widely used independent bank collection software in US banking.

CEOs & Presidents

Are economic conditions creating challenging times for your institution? Can improved collection and recovery performance help protect/grow income, reduce compliance risk and improve management and tracking?

Are these challenge areas for your institution?

Challenge Area 1: Protect and Grow Income

Is reducing delinquencies, preventing some charged-offs, lower operating costs leveraging powerful technology working the right accounts in the right sequence, with more frequent debtor touches important to your institution?

Challenge Area 2: Improve compliance reduce risk

Are you seeing/are you aware of sold, insured, guaranteed loans tighter scrutiny? State and Federal regulators are placing high emphasis on collection compliance. The work volume growth, complexity of work complicated by these tighter scrutiny's can be extremely concerning, as the cost of a compliance error can be significant. Would it help leveraging powerful technology enforcing your rules and processes, using {automated} documentation to help protect your institution?

Challenge Area 3: Grow Non-Interest Income

Prior charged-off recovery revenue may be lower than budgeted. Is knowing who best to work, freeing staff time for more recovery efforts, applying powerful technology to recovery efforts all strengthen your recovery income aid stabilizing or growing recovery revenue?

Challenge Area 4: Collection, Recovery Portfolio Reporting

Is Executive Management delayed from getting access to information; is your institution waiting for manual (error prone) status data entry to see reported results; are you limited in performance monitoring major/minor account types, branch, loan officer, collection team performance? Would timely accurate and unrestricted reporting improve Executive Management's ability to steer your institution on the right course/

If any of these challenge areas pertain to you, if they are concerning enough to do something about them, call (603) 410-5710 or email us so we can spend a short evaluation time on the phone and we can collectively determine if we can help.