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Loan Payments Recovery: Information Bank Lenders Need to Collect Money Faster

By: Rob Daley | July 22, 2022

Loan payment recovery process efficiency for bank lenders is a critical need in today’s economy. Borrowers need funds for every type of debt situation. As credit dependence increases, people may seek loans and services with high fees from non-traditional lenders. Examples include title loans, car title loans, and other property loans. Cash lenders charge high […]

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Automated Debt Collections Software

Why Financial Institutions Rely on Automated Debt Collection Software

By: Rob Daley | June 13, 2022

Automated debt collection software allows banks and credit unions to process increased collection volume with current or fewer collections staff. Some analysts predict that consumers’ bills and debt will vastly increase due to inflation. The amount of payment default on debtors’ business and consumer loan accounts is also expected to rise sharply. This economic state […]

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Debt Collections Information

Software for Bank Debt Management and Loan Collections

By: Rob Daley | May 4, 2022

Software for bank debt management and loan collections is on the rise due to increasing consumer debt. Information about debt from the latest Federal Reserve consumer credit report confirms there is more debt in the U.S. now than in four decades. Consumers’ debt grew to nearly $4.5 trillion in February 2022. CARM-Pro™ is the US’ […]

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Transforming Bank Collections

By: Rob Daley | October 19, 2021

How to Improve Bank Collections Bank collections efforts are only as effective as the banking platform institutions use to control them. Today’s bankers need access to collections and recovery tools that ensure compliance and minimize risk. This article is a resource guide for banks and credit unions. It lists methods and tips to improve payment […]

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Automated Debt Collection Software

By: Rob Daley | April 5, 2021

This automated debt collection software article explores loan recovery features and benefits for bank and credit union professionals. It provides information and ways for bank and credit union debt collectors to access a collections process automation solution to improve their collection efforts. This solution optimizes cash flow, increases lending to low credit score customers, and […]

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FDCPA Compliance Checklist Article Image

FDCPA Compliance Checklist: How to Automate Debt Collector Compliance

By: Rob Daley | February 2, 2021

FDCPA compliance checklist for debt collections compliance can benefit debt collectors at banks and credit unions. Information in this article focuses on debt collection practices in banking, including an FDCPA Compliance Checklist. This article focuses on debt collection practices in banking, including an FDCPA Compliance Checklist. We begin by defining the Fair Debt Collection Practices […]

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Debt Collection Strategies for Banks and Credit Unions Schema Image

Debt Collection Strategies for Banks and Credit Unions

By: Rob Daley | November 16, 2020

This debt collection strategies resource outlines actions and processes that enable banks and credit unions to maximize debt collection effectiveness. These debt collection techniques can enable your financial institution to reduce expenses and increase revenue without adding employees or costly in-house infrastructure or equipment. How Debt Collection Practices are Changing Debt collection accuracy, efficiency and […]

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Debt Collection Management in Banking

How to Improve Debt Collection Management in Banking

By: Rob Daley | October 1, 2020

The Latest Collection Management in Banking Advancements How to improve debt collection management in banking is an increasingly hot topic as banking and credit union executives face an unprecedented volume of loan delinquency and charged off debt.  This guide provides bank and credit union leaders with the latest tips and strategies for meeting the challenges […]

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Intelligent Banking Solutions Inc (IBS) Joins the Jack Henry Banking Vendor Integration Program

By: Rob Daley | September 21, 2020

– VIP enables Intelligent Banking Solutions to integrate and interface Collection and Asset Recovery Manager – Professional (CARM-Pro) with SilverLake, Core Director and CIF 20/20 New London, NH, August 1, 2020 – Intelligent Banking Solutions, a banking industry specialty firm, offering CARM-Pro (IBS’ premier debt collection management system) to financial institutions today announced that it […]

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