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ARM-Pro™: The Most Effective Asset Recovery Software For Banks and Credit Unions

Debt Recovery Software that Manages & Recovers Special Assets Payable to Your Bank or Credit Union

Financial institutions can leverage the scalability of ARM-Pro™ automated bank asset recovery software to systematically manage their asset recovery debt collection efforts.

This proven asset recovery solution for recovery management in banks ensures they recover delinquencies to prevent charge-offs and improve their rate of bank asset recovery.

ARM-Pro™:  Your Asset Recovery Management Solution

ARM-Pro™ Asset Recovery Manager™ is a robust asset recovery management module available within the CARM-Pro™ debt collection management system

This robust debt collection recovery software module enhances recovery management in banks and other financial institutions. It empowers lenders to strategically recover special collection assets that represent major income opportunities.

Assign Special Asset Management Accounts to Any Collector According to Your Defined Parameters

With ARM-Pro™ debt collections management software, accounts may be assigned to any collector according to your bank’s defined parameters. For example, this powerful recovery asset management tool can be configured to include or exclude debtor names, debt types, account types, or other goal-related categories.

Screenshot of asset recovery software foreclosure tracking screen.
Foreclosure Tracking – Click Image to Expand View

Debt Collection and Recovery Software Pre-defines and Automatically Manages Special Asset Accounts

  • Past due cards
  • Delinquent or Overdrawn Deposits
  • Charged-off debts
  • Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosures
  • Repossession management
  • OREO (Other Real Estate Owned)
  • Debtor Litigation
Special assets report screenshot.
Special Asset Reports – Click to Expand View
Bankruptcy tracking screenshot.
Bankruptcy Tracking – Click to Expand View
Repossession tracking screen shot.
Repossession Tracking – Click to Expand Image.
Screenshot of asset recovery software financial transactions.
Financial Transactions – Click to Expand View

Bank Collection Software Financially Manages All Components of the Debt

ARM-Pro™ financial asset management system software automates asset tracking and recovery

Access Key Metrics with Automated Status Reports of Non-performing Loans

Access a library of unlimited reports designed to efficiently manage your collection efforts, your portfolio asset recovery, and your entire special asset strategy.

  • Litigation preparation
  • CMS
  • Onsite collections
  • Monthly trends
  • Interactive charting
  • Net flow rate
  • Funds by collector
  • Collector activities and queues
  • Board reports
  • Month end detail reports
  • Delinquent account charts, summaries & details
  • Account by delinquency
  • Special status reports
  • Enghouse summaries (voice messages, alerts, direct connects)

Screenshot of asset recovery software reports.
ARM Reports – Click Image to Expand View

Special Asset Management Recovery Customized to Your Corporate Culture

Your bank or credit union can easily customize ARM-Pro’s debt recovery software features and protocols to represent your brand’s unique personality and reflect the values of your corporate culture.

The Most Scalable Financial Asset Management System and Loan Recovery Software

The scalable nature and full configurability of this proactive credit recovery software enables special assets management officers to quickly adapt to ever-changing external and internal regulations and protocols.

The intuitive and dynamic features of this bank debt collection management software are designed to grow with your financial institution’s size and evolving collection process and bank recovery software products.  This configurable tool for debt recovery strategies in banks is an asset recovery system that protects your investment and ensures recovery management system longevity.

Intuitive, Secure, Integrated Asset Recovery Ensures Accuracy & Compliance

Reconfigure the Special Asset Debt Collections Recovery Software Database Fields with Ease

Lenders can easily and intuitively introduce, delete, and reconfigure fields and code translations within the asset recovery program’s dynamic database, as well as several other key system features. 

ARM-Pro™ debt recovery management software helps streamline your asset recovery program by enabling you to extend its standard information with any additional information required by your institution.

ARM-Pro™ Asset Recovery Management Software Operates on All Microsoft® Platforms

This Asset Recovery Solution has No Unique System Requirements

ARM-Pro™ software for Asset Recovery Management solutions is easy to install debt collection and recovery software. 

This powerful package of asset recovery solutions operates on a standard Microsoft® platform such as Windows Network and Desktop, or prerequisite systems such as SQL Server and IIS server.

You Gain Direct Support from IBS Asset Tracking and Recovery Collections Software Experts

As a single-industry recovery management systems product developer and provider of ARM-Pro, IBS is committed to responsively serving our bank and credit union clients.

Your Debt Collection Management Software Experts

From setup and deployment to software training, upgrades and troubleshooting, IBS bank debt collection management software experts provide the prompt support you need. You can easily configure the IBS Asset Recovery Manager loan recovery software to optimize the performance of your people and your software.

Proven Asset Recovery Solutions for the Banking Industry

It’s time for you and your lenders to implement asset recovery solutions to transform your loan recovery process with proven loan asset management software!

Discover the difference when you put our team’s 3+ decades of debt recovery management experience with turn-key asset recovery collections tools to work for your financial institution.  Contact us for a discovery conversation.

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