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SoundBite Communications and Intelligent Banking Solutions

SoundBite Communications and Intelligent Banking Solutions
Partner to Improve Collection Results for Financial Services Providers

Community Banks and Credit Unions Can Easily Launch
Automated Messaging Campaigns to Accelerate Debt Collection

NEW LONDON, NH and BEDFORD, Mass., February 24, 2009 – Intelligent Banking Solutions, Inc.
(IBS) and SoundBite Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: SDBT) today announced a business partnership that enables community banks and credit unions to utilize proactive customer communications to reach consumers faster and collect more debt in a shorter amount of time. Through this partnership, IBS clients are able to reduce their collection costs and increase productivity by using SoundBite's automated messaging solutions as a substitute for, or a supplement to, their existing communication methods.

SoundBite interfaces with the IBS CARM-Pro collection management system to create a specific queue that enables outbound, automated voice messages to be delivered to past due account holders. At the end of each business day, import files are sent back into the system so that call outcomes can be effectively recorded and tracked. This allows collectors to focus on specific segments of delinquent accounts while professionally recorded messages are automatically delivered to other segments. The offering has been well received by IBS' clients, and two of them have already signed agreements to begin using the SoundBite solution.

"SoundBite's proactive customer communication solutions complement our collection management
system and enable us to provide our clients with a powerful offering that will improve collection rates while decreasing delinquency rates and collection costs," said Rob Daley, president, IBS. "This combined offering increases our clients' collection capacity at a fraction of the cost of staff additions and comes at a time in our industry when growing delinquencies and institutional income erosion is prevalent. SoundBite's comprehensive business partner program provides us with the training, tools and support we need to effectively deliver this compelling offering to our clients, supporting our twenty-year outstanding service reputation."

"Risk management and collection practices have become critical issues and top priorities for financial services providers," said Debbie Braunert, vice president of market development, SoundBite Communications. "These organizations are facing challenging times as delinquency and charge-off rates rapidly grow. We are pleased to partner with IBS to provide community banks and credit unions with a flexible, cost-effective solution to help them become more effective in their collections and recovery operations."

SoundBite partners with industry leaders in a variety of markets to deliver highly scalable proactive
customer communications solutions to organizations across a variety of industries and geographies. Visit for more information or to pursue a potential partnership with SoundBite.

About Intelligent Banking Solutions, Inc

Since 1989, IBS has been providing flexible high quality collections and asset recovery software to
financial institutions. CARM-Pro is now licensed to more than 720 banks and credit unions (390 directly and 330 via its dealer channel) in 46 states and the District of Columbia. Privately held, IBS always has been and remains exclusively dedicated to enhancing and growing its software's functionality for credit professionals at financial institutions.

About SoundBite Communications, Inc.

SoundBite Communications provides on-demand, integrated multi-channel communications solutions that enable clients to achieve superior business results. Building on its foundation as a leading provider of automated voice messaging services, SoundBite offers integrated voice, text and email messaging solutions that help clients deliver the right message, to the right customer, using the right channel, at the right time. Organizations in industries such as collections, financial services, retail, telecom and media, and utilities rely on the SoundBite Intelligent Communications Platform to send over a billion messages annually for collections, customer care, and sales and marketing applications. For more information, visit

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