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IBS Releases New Version of CARM-Pro Version 4.5

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IBS Releases New Version of CARM-Pro;
Version 4.5 was officially released!

NEW LONDON, N.H., May 1, 2012 – COLLECTION AND ASSET RECOVERY MANAGER – PROFESSIONAL™ (CARM-PRO™) version 4.5 was released by IBS, giving IBS clients more comprehensive tools to win their battle in managing delinquencies, to increase their recoveries on prior charged-offs, as well as streamline IBS clients tracking of bankruptcies, foreclosures and repossessions.

The IBS product and development team has yet again hit it out of the park with a spectacular new version of our industry leading software. Delivering contemporary leading edge collection and recovery software since 1989, IBS is well aware of the fast pace changes to hardware and operating systems. Often, the major effort behind a new release of “business” software is in foundational changes not seen by its end users. However, without major rewrites of the core software components, the needed business improvements to the system cannot be accomplished. IBS’ team pulled off the full re-write, to a contemporary “.NET N tier common code base” system, and added an impressive library of sought after enhancements.

CARM-Pro version 4.5 brings the same look and feel to its desktop and browser offerings. They look the same. They feel the same. They offer the same capabilities. IBS is the only collection and recovery automation solution provider in the world to accomplish that feat, delivering the same functionality in either desktop or browser user interfaces for bank or credit union collection and recovery teams; all in one integrated scalable powerful package.

The overall streamlined and improved productivity of the new user interfaces were greeted with praise by IBS clients at the 2012 IBS Annual Client Conference. ASSET RECOVERY MANAGER – PROFESSIONAL™ (ARM-Pro™), the industry’s premier asset recovery software, is more powerful and easier to use.  IBS clients were also impressed with their initial views of next generation system administration behind the new ARM-Pro capabilities.

Dashboard, last year’s IBS clients #1 request, were a huge hit in version 4.5. Simple, powerful and configurable displays show how a bank and credit union collection and recovery operations are performing, at departmental and individual levels.

The growing responsibilities piling on top of today’s bank and credit union collection managers are tremendous. Building expanded capabilities into CARM-Pro, to streamline more collection area operations, was the target of the collateral and risk management services built into CARM-Pro 4.5. Repossession, Remarket/Liquidation, Skip/Pre-Skip, Transportation, Replevin, Deficiency Balance Collection/Asset Recovery, Door knock, or Title Service requests are now a mouse click away. IBS’ bank and credit union collection and recovery software took another leap, further leaving behind the field with these integrated and powerful new capabilities.

Simplified compliance; better leveraging CARM-Pro to aid in the growing compliance burden was the final improvement area seen in CARM-Pro version 4.5.

Effective today, all new IBS clients are brought on board to CARM-Pro version 4.5, and all current clients scheduled with IBS for an upgrade will now also go directly to 4.5. Clients already on IBS’ last year release 4.2 can contact their account manager to determine their best course at getting to version 4.5.

About IBS

IBS is the premier provider of collection and recovery software to banks and credit unions.  First introduced in 1989, IBS collections and asset recovery management software is directly licensed to almost 500 banks and credit unions in 47 states and the District of Columbia, along with another 400 institutions licensed through IBS partners. Privately held, IBS always has been, and remains exclusively dedicated to, enhancing and growing its software’s functionality for collection and recovery professionals at banks and credit unions. IBS sales and marketing is complemented by a growing library of business partners: COCC, Open Solutions, FIS (formerly Metavante), Fiserv, R.C. Olmstead, SoundBite Communications, LexisNexis, ProfitStars, Allied Solutions and Greenflag by Transworld.