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ARM-Pro - The most widely used Recovery and Special Asset Tracking software in US Banks and Credit Unions.
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CARM-Pro - The most widely used independent bank collection software in US banking.


Expanded, improved, integrated, and easier to use!

NEW LONDON, N.H., December 1, 2010 – IBS announced the release of COLLECTION AND ASSET RECOVERY MANAGER – PROFESSIONAL (CARM-Pro) version 4.2. "Version 4.2 is the most powerful, the most impactful release since version 1.0 over 22 years ago" proclaims Rob Daley, IBS President.

"Unprecedented in our lifetime are the economic challenges that collection and recovery departments in our financial institutions are experiencing. They need a game changing set of tools to succeed. Game changing is exactly what version 4.2 is for them," Daley continues.

Version 4.2 delivers expanded and harnessed power with integrated new Microsoft technologies, in an easier to use user interface while showing users more information, while supporting multiple actions across multiple accounts or debtors, all in an industry compatible platform. Version 4.2 is easier to read, showing critical information in a client custom configured package.

Foreclosure, bankruptcy and repossession management are huge national concerns, affecting every financial institution. Version 4.2 delivers greatly expanded abilities for tracking, working and reporting on these key problem areas. Native 4.2 enhancements are supplemented with integrated IBS partner offerings to take managing these critical areas to even higher levels of control.

Leveraging several new IBS partners' products and services within CARM-Pro expands collection capacity, boosts operational productivity, and improves compliance while reducing operating costs. Outbound voice messaging lets IBS clients use directed professional technology offered by SoundBite to deliver messages, optionally allowing debtors to transfer back to a collector. IBS offers SoundBite's newest predictive dialer suite, letting financial institutions enjoy predictive dialer benefits with no telephone hardware or software investment, using the "pay for use" approach.

Information is power. Information to a collector can mean getting a payment, or not. LexisNexis is the premier provider of accurate and complete information. During a recent product presentation, a large financial institution shared with IBS "In a career of collections, I've bought many systems, I've used many systems, and I even helped create a collection system. Your firm's integration of LexisNexis within your platform is beyond anything I have ever seen. You guys should be proud of that." Full skip trace integrated access; leverage the suite of debtor scores to aid in queue prioritization, and your collection team is working with complete, accurate information in the sequence that delivers the best results for that institution. With bankruptcy monitoring, IBS-LexisNexis clients are immediately notified of any filing or status change of that institutions debtors.

Version 4.2 lets users press a toolbar button to accept a check or debit card telephone payment within CARM-Pro. Launching an ACH payment for this past due account.

Native image system integration allows delivering debtor correspondence to both the debtors and the institutions image system, while letting collectors access all imaged documents in their imaging system for this debtor/account from their collections platform.

Configurable batch interfaces and configurable dynamic calls to 3rd party applications let IBS clients
pass needed debtor information to their key partners, or access data within those partners own systems (like attorneys, collection agencies, repossession firms, "door knockers" or any external service provider to the collection and recovery team).

IBS clients got their first glimpse of this new power at IBS' annual client conference in April. Since
then, the IBS development and product team worked with many test sites, refining, watching, learning, tweaking, adjusting, and fine tuning this version. Feedback during this test phase was impactful in enhancing many of the new features to their delivered status today.

now. If IBS clients did not see their announcement, they can access release information at IBS' client forum at

About IBS

IBS is the premier provider of debt management solutions to the financial industry. Introduced in
1989, IBS collections and asset recovery management software is directly licensed to almost 450 banks and credit unions in 46 states and the District of Columbia, along with another 340 institutions licensed through IBS partners. Privately held, IBS always has been, and remains exclusively dedicated to, enhancing and growing its software's functionality for collection and recovery professionals at financial institutions. IBS sales and marketing is complemented by a growing library of business partners: COCC, Open Solutions, FIS (formerly Metavante), RDSI Banking Systems, Fiserv, R.C. Olmstead, SoundBite Communications, LexisNexis, ProfitStars and Greenflag by Transworld.