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IBS and Their Clients: Learn, Grow, Collaborate

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IBS 2012 Client Conference;
Networking, New Technology, New Tools!

NEW LONDON, N.H., April 11, 2012 – IBS' 2012 Annual Client Conference brought its clients together, to share best practices, to collaborate on future needs, to see CARM-Pro release 4.5 and to have fun. That is just what happened.

The welcoming reception was a perfect setting to meet or reacquaint; for clients, partners and IBS staff to network, to share ideas, to build upon or strengthen personal relationships.

Rob Daley, IBS President, kicked-off the formal sessions welcoming all, introducing key strategic partners (selected to strengthen IBS' industry leading collection and recovery software) to IBS clients, and positioning the day of growth and learning.

Whit Mitchell, President of Working InSync, got the room energized in his "Fossils to Fuel - How adapting to change can re-energize your career!" Attendees learned about their DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness) personal assessment, and how to boost productivity, teamwork and communication leveraging their DISC traits. Various activities then put DISC to work, demonstrating the power knowing your personal assessment can give each attendee. Everyone left with a change assignment.

Attendees then broke into smaller groups to get more personal attention as they got a hands on look at IBS' 2012 new release – Collection and Asset Recovery Manager – Professional (CARM-Pro) version 4.5. Gary Palumbo, IBS Implementation and Training Manager, walked attendees through the major new capabilities: Desktop and browser user interfaces offering the same look and feel, overall streamlined and improved productivity of the new user interfaces, more power and easier to use improvements in the Asset Recovery Manager – Professional (ARM-Pro) module (the industry's premier asset recovery software), and initial views of next generation system administration behind the new ARM-Pro capabilities.

Dashboard – at IBS' 2011 client conference, attendees shared adding dash boards to CARM-Pro was an important IBS client "want". In 2012, IBS clients got what they asked for as Will Diamond, IBS Product Manager, shared the new dash board functionality with conference attendees. Simple, powerful configurable displays show how a bank and credit union collection and recovery operations are performing.

The growing responsibilities piling on top of today's bank and credit union collection managers are tremendous. Building expanded capabilities into CARM-Pro, to streamline more collection area operations, was the target of the collateral and risk management services built into CARM-Pro 4.5 as shown by Amber Gest, IBS Regional Sales Director. Repossession, Remarket/Liquidation, Skip/Pre-Skip, Transportation, Replevin, Deficiency Balance Collection/Asset Recovery, Door knock, or Title Service requests are now a mouse click away. IBS' bank and credit union collection and recovery software took another leap, outdistancing the field with these integrated and powerful new capabilities.

Shari Markle, IBS Director of Client Services, then walked the entire group down the path of simplified compliance; sharing how to better leverage CARM-Pro to aid in the growing compliance burden. Contemporary credit union and bank collection and recovery software must lead the charge in automated powerful state, federal, investor/insurer compliance – as does CARM-Pro.

The conference ended with the very popular "Interactive Session", where all clients, partners, IBS staff gather for a final session to ask and answer all remaining questions, to wrap up any loose ends, to clarify anything learned in all preceding sessions. This moderated "round table" makes sure no one leaves with any open questions, concerns, or issues. IBS ensures it and its industry leading bank and credit union collection and recovery software stay ahead of the curve by simply asking IBS clients what (else) they need from IBS, their collection and recovery solutions provider.

Plans are now underway for yet a better 2013 conference!

About IBS

IBS is the premier provider of collection and recovery software to banks and credit unions. First introduced in 1989, IBS collections and asset recovery management software is directly licensed to almost 500 banks and credit unions in 47 states and the District of Columbia, along with another 400 institutions licensed through IBS partners. Privately held, IBS always has been, and remains exclusively dedicated to, enhancing and growing its software's functionality for collection and recovery professionals at banks and credit unions. IBS sales and marketing is complemented by a growing library of business partners: COCC, Open Solutions, FIS (formerly Metavante), Fiserv, R.C. Olmstead, SoundBite Communications, LexisNexis, ProfitStars, Allied Solutions and Greenflag by Transworld.