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Our Community Bank and Credit Union Customer’s Own Words

  1. "My average delinquency is around 3% - 2.5 %.  Industry average is 5 - 7%. Really good results!"

    Milton Watts , SVP Indirect Lending

    Anderson Brothers Bank

  2. "A great collection and recovery system for banks. I don't know what we would do without it."

    Connie Hagen , AVP

    North Shore Bank

  3. "Since using CARM-Pro we've experienced a 25% drop in delinquencies!"

    Milton "Micky" Watts

    Anderson Brothers Bank

  4. "Installation, training and ongoing customer support from IBS is unlike any!"

    Dan Picard , Collection Manager

    Liberty Bay Credit Union

  5. "IBS' bank collection and recovery software has paid for itself many times over."

    Marc Meoli , Helpdesk Manager

    Mercantile Safe Deposit & TRUST Co.

  6. "IBS' collection and recovery system is easily manipulated and user-friendly. The technical support is absolutely fabulous!"

    Debbie Weisenberger , Asset Recovery Director

    First Federal Savings Bank of Rochester

  7. "IBS' bank collection and recovery software has dropped delinquencies from 1% to less than .6%."

    Brian McPherson , Credit Risk Manager

    Texas National Bank

  8. "I am convinced that the IBS collections and recovery software is still the best on the market."

    Joseph Paettie , Vice President

    Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union

The Most Effective Collection Management in Banking To Grow Income and Reduce Risk

IBS debt collection software includes fully-automated features and collector action-initiated workflows that enable special asset officers to identify compliance steps and easily configure CARM-Pro™ to complete them. Efficiently send letters, emails, texts, and dynamic voice recordings based on individual selection criteria and client-defined schedules. This vital collections and recovery technology consistently improves compliance, reduces risk and increases income for banks and credit unions.  It is simply the most powerful collection management in banking. 

Bank collection and recovery software screenshot of CARM-Pro.

CARM-Pro: Collection and recovery software for banks and credit unions.

Adapt in Real Time to the Dynamic Financial Environment

Every aspect of CARM-Pro™ bank collection and recovery software can be configured to client-specific requirements, by the client (or by IBS if requested) with no vendor involvement.  This vital feature enables banks and credit unions to easily adapt in real time to the dynamic financial environment. For IBS client-partners, this means that collection management in banking has never been as intuitive, user-configurable, as current and efficient as it is for them now.

Bank collection and recovery software word cloud graphic.

Increase Productivity and Collections & Recovery Compliance with Automated Workflows

CARM-Pro™ debt collection software for banks enhances any financial institution’s ability to execute its collections and recovery strategy. Fully automated workflows improve productivity by streamlining the steps of debtor communications, to optimize performance and ensure complete follow through. A comprehensive journal of all actions taken, by whom, with date/time stamp, is automatically maintained by CARM-Pro™. This improves compliance with internal policies and external regulations, simplifies legal processes and reduces the total cases that advance to special collections.

Bank collection and recovery software efficiency icon.

Collection and Recovery Software That Will Enhance Your Existing Platform

CARM-Pro™ debt collections recovery software operates on your existing IT platform and is compatible with your core banking system.  It does not require any additional technology, nor investment in telephone hardware or software.  CARM-Pro™ performs in mixed-technology settings on-site or in data centers. This scalable system supports community banks and credit unions with limited staff, as well as larger financial institutions.

Bank collection and recovery software integration icon.

Bank Collection and Recovery Software That Consolidates Account Management

The most extensive core system real-time integration collection and recovery software means that collectors never need to toggle out of CARM-Pro™ to look up or update debtor account information in the core servicing system.  CARM-Pro’s interface also supports non-primary core system serviced accounts, such as cards or other non-primary servicing platforms. Collectors get a full 360-degree view of all debtors/all accounts, regardless of delinquency status and primary servicing system. This key feature of the debt collections recovery software facilitates comprehensive account management, saves time and increases compliance.

Bank collection and recovery software file access icon.

Bank Collection Software Image System

CARM-Pro’s built-in image system seamlessly interfaces with leading image system company software. This key feature enables your bank or credit union to further leverage your investment in an institution-wide image system, and extends the value of your bank collection software. It also promotes efficient info-sharing and eliminates business silos by allowing non-collectors to view collection letters as needed. CARM-Pro also links to these same image systems, allowing collectors to access image system-based debtor/account images.

Bank collection and recovery software image system.

Customize Your Debt Collections Recovery Software to Your Brand’s Personality

IBS knows that your organization has a unique culture, with policies and strategies that correspond to the needs of your clients or members.  That’s why Intelligent Banking Solutions represents both our company name AND the essence of our banking system products.  Our mission is to empower you to customize your collection process to your brand’s values and personality. Your institution pays standard “off the shelf” software pricing to run the same stable software as hundreds of other institutions while also gaining the benefit of specific configurations to meet your unique requirements.

Bank collection and recovery software customize icon.

Special Collection Assets: Effectively Manage All Debt Components

IBS software also enables lenders to effectively manage and recover special collection assets.  ARM-Pro™ Asset Recovery Manager-Professional allows for efficient configuration and monitoring of all debt components of your special assets, such as principal, interest, overdue charges, legal fees, and fees associated with reconditioning, repossession, property maintenance, and more.  The ARM-Pro™ system does not limit the number of debt components you can track. Your security-approved users can add as many debt components (accumulators, “buckets”) as they need to track what your institution requires.

Bank collection and recovery software special assets monitoring icon.

Our Debt Collection Management Systems Interface With Any Core Servicing or Credit Card System

Core Servicing Systems

  1. Black Knight
  2. COCC Insight
  3. Corelation Keystone
  4. FIS Bankway
  5. Fiserv DNA Enhanced
  6. Fiserv DNA Standard
  7. Fiserv Summit
  1. Fiserv Vision Cleartouch
  2. FIS IBS
  3. Fiserv ITI Premeir
  4. Jack Henry ODI Silverlake
  5. Jack Henry ODI CIF 20/20
  6. Jack Henry ODI Core Diretor
  7. Symitar EPISYS

Credit Card Systems

  1. PSCU
  2. Fiserv Card Services
  3. FIS
  4. TSYS
IBS President – Rob Daley

It Takes Dedication to Be the Best Bank Collection and Recovery Software

A Message From Our President

As I reflect on all my career experiences, it’s clear that the focus of my life’s work has been to positively transform debt collection and recovery management for banks and credit unions.

At the Whittemore School of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire, I developed a keen understanding of business – and no preconceived notions about the banking industry. 

Then, the first six years of my career were spent writing software for core banking systems.  Throughout these foundational experiences, I personally interviewed hundreds of bankers to learn how they do what they do – and more importantly, what they needed to enhance their debt collection and recovery processes.

I then spent three years as the Senior Vice President of Management Information Systems for a very progressive financial institution, where I ran all back-office operations. This invaluable experience let me walk in the shoes of bank IT and operations staff, to experience their product and “vendor” service needs.

These experiences gave me critical firsthand insight into the dynamic banking and financial services industry, and the growing need for flexible, proactive solutions.

I witnessed the frustration, wasted time, enormous risk-exposure, and overlooked potential for loan recovery that occurred when collections officers had to manage their accounts with static systems that required intense manual labor.

In 1989, inspired by this experience and eager to fill the industry void using my balanced knowledge of business and software, I launched IBS as Intelligent Banking Solutions, Inc., and set out to create the solution with my hand-picked team. 

A solution that would empower collections agents to proactively manage all debts owed to their bank or credit union. A solution that would put a robust, dynamic set of automated tools at collectors’ fingertips, to save them time and free them to focus on other core revenue-generating responsibilities.

Our Focus:  The Most Contemporary Bank Collection and Recovery Software

Since 1989 the CARM-Pro™ system has consistently evolved with Microsoft operating software systems.  Four times throughout its history, my team and I have also reinvested our resources and rewritten this robust software from the ground up, to proactively build it to contemporary standards. 

This was not an upgrade or migration; it was discarding a functioning system and writing brand-new code, to achieve the long-term value of a system built to uphold contemporary technology requirements and capabilities.

In fact, our banking software is so contemporary that we also recently released three significant software updates within 12 months – while many of our industry peers have not updated their software in years. 

This vital advantage accelerates the return on investment for your bank or credit union, and enables your team to rapidly adapt and respond to market changes, government regulations, new lending products, and the collection requirements of your investors, insurers and guarantors.

Simply put, the IBS team and technology are an ideal long-term investment that will help your financial institution achieve aggressive goals in challenging economic markets.

Rob Daley, IBS Founder

Committed to Community Banks and Credit Unions

We authentically partner with clients, and view their success as a direct reflection of our success.

Rob Daley, IBS Founder

For more than three decades, my team and I have introduced hundreds of banking industry executives and collections managers to CARM-Pro™.

Our single-product focus has enabled each of them to grow their organization’s income by decreasing costs and increasing assets per FTE.  This focus enables us to maintain the most contemporary bank collection and recovery software, and directly support our clients.

You don’t need to navigate a “phone tree” to talk directly with us; nor roam our website for details about debt collection software for banks and credit unions. 

When calling us, you won’t encounter a phone system that requires several steps to reach a “department”, such as lending, then servicing, then collections. 

We will personally answer your call, and you’ll speak directly to a team member who either wrote the software, or sold, installed, supports or invoices you for our single banking software product: CARM-Pro™.

Privately-held to Ensure Customer Focus

As a privately-held bank collection and recovery software firm, we’ve earned our reputation by cultivating strong client relationships.  We authentically partner with clients, and view their success as a direct reflection of ours.  We do not acquire, integrate, downsize and move on. Every client represents a new partner in our firm’s organic growth.

In my 40 years of industry-specific experience, I’ve cultivated relationships with key executives of every major core provider, attended key industry strategic conferences (as well as major vendor client conferences), and served as a community bank director.  I direct my team to keep our fingers on the pulse of our dynamic industry as we proactively prepare for market changes, rather than simply react to them.

Trusted Loan Recovery Software 

Today, I’m very proud that more than 1,200 clients have partnered with IBS – but I’m even more proud of the enormous benefits they reap from our trusted loan recovery software.  Many clients have purchased CARM-Pro™ multiple times throughout their career as they moved to new institutions.

I encourage you to contact us to confidentially discuss your bank’s current debt recovery process.  You can help us learn what works and must be preserved, as well as what’s not working and should be improved.  Together, we’ll discover if CARM-Pro™ may be a good fit for your organization’s specific needs.